Creating fun crochet hats for you

Nothing else makes my heart soar more than seeing your delightful faces and hearing your giddy laughter when you receive your fun hats that I enjoy creating.

~ Cris Salerma
Cris Crochet Shop, Creator



My name is Cris, serial hobbyist who lives in Sheffield with my genius husband, mum of one very delightful girl, and avid crocheter of adorable things.

It took me FOUR years …

to finally succumb to the call of my friends’ encouraging words: “you should sell your crochet hats!”. To be frank, I was rubbish at home economics in school back in Manila, always last in class, often nothing to show for at the end of each term.

Before moving to the UK …

I trained as an engineer and lecturer in Manila, met my nordic husband while earning my postgrad in Tokyo, then lived in London where our daughter was born. As soon as I got preggers at 37, the nesting hormone took over. Six months after my beloved daughter’s birthday, I enrolled myself in a crochet course at a local cafe in North London. I’ve been hooked to crocheting ever since (no pun intended).

A year after moving to Sheffield …

I had made my daughter’s best friend a unicorn hat for Christmas. Yet again, friendly folk suggested I make this crocheting hats a business. Hence, the following New Year’s, I decided to open my Etsy shop.

“So, how is business, Cris?”

It’s been such an exhilirating ride, for sure! Saying that it’s been eventful with bouts of steep learning curves, is an oversimplification.
Let me put it this way:
It’s been the best thing I’ve done so far career-wise.

Cris Crochet Shop has been featured in …

the Star Tribune, Daily Herald, The Press, Oxford Times, Boston Herald, Northern Echo, Digg, Union Tribune, and The Herald, as well as various local craft markets and fairs. I’ve been interviewed by Renae Christine, the queen of all things handmade business, and been awarded with Renae Christine’s Leading Handcrafter Award less than a year after starting my Etsy shop.
I have been inspired by you, and forever will be indebted to you as you continue to inspire me with every creation that I put into these fun crochet hats.
~ Cris Salerma
Cris Crochet Shop, Creator

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